Tuxedo Park Community Association

Tuxedo Park’s Broadway Kids Drama Program

REGISTRATION NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE here. Scroll down paste the membership options to see the class registration options.
Please be sure to have a valid membership as well.
Is your child interested in singing, acting, dancing and just beginning to show and develop acting skills? Tuxedo Park is super excited to launch its Broadway Kids Drama Program in September 2016.
Class Description:
The overall goal of drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills.  The imaginative exploration involves setting up a dramatic situation, “acting out” that situation, communicating within that situation and reflecting on the consequences.  It is this reflection that provides the knowledge for self-development.
The student will realize and appreciate the uniqueness of self, grow in self-confidence, experience feelings of success and acceptance, develop sensory awareness, sharpen observations of people, of situations and of the environment, develop a capacity for imaginative and creative thought, explore, control and express emotions, develop respect for others—their rights, their ideas and their differences, give meaning to abstract concepts realized through dramatic play.
Broadway Kids Drama Classes
Sept 14, 2016 – Dec 7, 2016 – Wed nights at Tuxedo Park Hall (202 29th Ave NE)
Price: $25/child for TPCA members (residents and non-residents can purchase memberships, family memberships are $20/year)**, $35 for non-members
Broadway Littles: 4-6 yr olds, Wed 5:30-6pm
Broadway Kidlets: 6-9 yr olds, Wed 6-7pm
Broadway Bigs: 10+ years old, Wed 7-8pm
** we want all children to experience the love of performing arts, and community. If financial assistance is required please contact us**
To Register: email us  or call: 403-277-8689.