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Message From MLA Kyle Fawcett

Improving access to seniors and emergency care

I hope everyone had a happy and restful holiday season. As we begin the 2015 New Year, Alberta’s seniors population continues grow and as a result so does the demand for more continuing care spaces. As your representative in the Alberta legislature, I understand and acknowledge the growing demand for senior accommodation options which will meet their specific needs.

The Alberta government also acknowledges these demands and as a result is moving to ease pressure on hospitals by addressing the needs of more than 700 hundred seniors who are currently waiting in acute care. This will be accomplished by opening 464 (194 in Calgary) continuing care spaces over the next 12 months.  These spaces are currently underfunded or unstaffed and through the reallocation of existing funds they will be brought online.

The Alberta government also plans to assist any remaining patients waiting in acute care through an investment of $60 million to create an additional 300 long term care spaces, and recently put out requests for proposals to build and additional 1,500 continuing care spaces, in addition to the 1,400 that are slated to be opened between now and 2018.

As a result of this increased capacity in long term and continuing care, Alberta Health Services will allocate 20% of beds freed up in acute care for exclusive emergency department use.

Honorable Kyle Fawcett, MLA Calgary Klein

Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development