Tuxedo Park Community Association

General Meeting Summary: May 9, 2013

In an effort to share information with our community, we are now posting meeting highlights (notes) from each monthly meeting. We hope you find this information useful. And feel free to attend the monthly meetings, everyone is welcome! Go to our events page for meeting details.

If you have any questions please post a comment below, email us or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.


Visitor and Guest Presentations:

Chelsea – Early Childhood Mapping Project

  • Coalition’s mission is to connect with community, talk to community about what is positive and negative about early childhood development
  • Coalition will then package data and send recommendations to Federal Government
  • Would like the opportunity to connect with community at events to talk to families, or setup a meeting to meet with families
  • Project goes to August 2014

Elaine Stringer – Community Social Worker

  • Working closely with Highland Park and many other close communities, and is now working Tuxedo
  • Sends information to community directly on a variety of topics
  • Talks to community members to see what they need out of community
  • July and August is music in the park in July and August

Jen Malzer and Michael Thompson – City Transportation and Planning

  • North Central LRT community engagement initiative to happen in following months, needs to connect with community and would like TPCA assistance in connecting and communicating
  • City Transport will report back to community end of 2014 after community engagement, with where LRT will go (Center Street or Edmonton Trail) and some design options
  • Needs to engage with community on what vision will be with the LRT
  • Upcoming workshops/open houses in June 2013 to start and engage communities with this initiative
  • City Transport is looking to understand residents’ concerns

Bonnie Lewin – City of Calgary Youth

  • Community Cleanup on June 22 2013, with Highland Park
  • Putting on a cleanup day with Center Street Church
  • Drop off to occur at Highland Park Hall, can drop off large garbage
  • Center Street Church sending out information to Tuxedo residents one week prior to event (flyer drop)
  • Highland Park is working with LEAP  – extending invite to Tuxedo Residents, she will send out info to Shannon so we can communicate to community, information on LEAP program will be posted to Tuxedo Blog and Calendar of events
  • Music in the park Tuesdays at Highland Park, Tuxedo Park welcome

Leo – Ellis Evans Design – Tuxedo Backyard Gazette Publisher

  • Explained newsletter delivery methods
  • Explained his role in publishing and delivering newsletters
  • Announced new carrier, Tuxedo Resident: Roseanne, and will also use Canada Post for areas that Canada Post is viable

President’s Report by Tammy Maloney

  • Busy working on Edmonton Trail Construction Notice, Transportation Development (North Central LRT), Drainage Study presentation done at Hall by Ward 9 Councillor and team, TPCA financial and document storage and retention work required,
  • Continuous Improvement – board needs
  • What board members are interested in training (board governance, Gaming Information etc.)
  • Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Initiative – planting the seed to think about this in our strategic plan, what is the community’s real role? Could be encouraging neighbors to help neighbors? We need to be conscientious  about poverty barriers when planning events and making programs in community

Treasurer’s Report by Bryan Summers

  • Budget is being worked on
  • Next month there will be a statement from QuickBooks to better represent some financial information

Social and Fund Development  Report by Karen Thompson

  • Busy planning Canada Day Event for July 1st
  • Other event ideas in the works
  • October 26th – Beer and Bratwurst
  • December 7th – Santa Day Breakfast

 Membership Report by Harley Shouldice

  • Working on plans for membership drive this Spring 2013