Tuxedo Park Community Association

General Monthly Meeting Summary: December 13, 2012

In an effort to share information with our community, we are now posting meeting highlights (notes) from each monthly meeting. We hope you find this information useful. And feel free to attend the monthly meetings, everyone is welcome! Go to our events page for meeting details.

If you have any questions please post a comment below, email us or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.

Decemeber 13, 2012 General Monthly Meeting Summary

Meeting guests:

  • Mike O’Reilly, City of Calgary
  • Paul Tye, Ward 9 Office

Mike O’Reilly, City of Calgary: The City will provide funds from the Parks Department to improve parks around the city.  Possible use of the money: flower beds and benches and traffic circle landscaping.  Representatives from the Parks Department want to come to the next meeting to discuss.  Mike stressed the importance of having a strong board.  The city can assist in attracting, succession planning, and retaining board members, but if a strong board is not maintained then there is a possibility the community could lose the building.  The city will provide a copy of the lease; however, a business plan will be required from the community.  The community association will have a year to complete the business plan, the city will provide the proposed form of the plan.  There will be a Ward 9 President’s meeting in 2013 to talk about the way forward for the communities.

President’s Report by Gus Barron:

  • Balmoral School wants to put a clock in the tower, and would like a letter of support.

Membership Report by Harley Shouldice:

  • New membership program in the works
  • The memberships will be effective for one year from the time the membership is processed.
  • Fees will be increasing January 2013
  • There were ~15 new memberships from The Breakfast with Santa event
  • The Association may consider a business membership, to be discussed

Guest Paul Tye, Ward 9:

  • Massage parlour policy – clarifications to the by-law will be provided by at the next meeting.  However, the non-legitimate operators will be required to pay a much higher fee
  • Transit – Building up Centre Street as a bus corridor is currently being discussed
  • The City is waiting for the master study to address flooding
  • Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from Gian-Carlo Carra.

Social Committee Report by Gus Barron:

  • Breakfast with Santa went well, and was well received from the attendees, approximately 40 children attended, with 100 people in total
  • Shannon, Chrystina, and Sam did an excellent job in organizing the Breakfast.
  • Thank you to the Lions Club for their support
  • Senior’s Supper was last week, proceeds being donated to Veteran’s Food Bank
  • Thank you to Red Rose Florist and Debbie Smith for donating door prizes

Hall Manager’s Report / Hall Maintenance Report  by Harley Shouldice:

  • Lots of bookings, the hall continues to attract renters
  • Discussion regarding monitoring damage to the facility and contents

Old Business

  • 1835 Open House tomorrow with a turkey dinner, 11 – 2:00 p.m.
  • 1835 building will proceed