Tuxedo Park Community Association

General Meeting Summary: January 10, 2013

In an effort to share information with our community, we are now posting meeting highlights (notes) from each monthly meeting. We hope you find this information useful. And feel free to attend the monthly meetings, everyone is welcome! Go to our events page for meeting details.

If you have any questions please post a comment below, email us or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.

January 10, 2013 General Monthly Meeting Summary

Tribute by Barry for Brent who passed away earlier in the week.   The tribute spoke of Brent’s great contributions towards the community, with his family, friends and neighbours.  The tribute included a message of inclusiveness within the community.

President’s Report by Gus Barron:

  • Community has lost a great volunteer.  Brent was a friend to the community and a dedicated volunteer.

Treasurer’s Report by Bryan Summers:

  • Have done well with hall rentals
  • Going forward in 2013 will require closer monitoring of expenses, increasing membership and other ways and fundraising, decline in funds will occur unless fundraising occurs
  • Budgets will be created for specific events and an overall community budget
  • Accountants have noted the accounts are in good standing

Membership Report by Harley Shouldice:

  • CompuSIM for tracking memberships will be implemented later this month, will allow for members to check their status
  • Great experience at the Breakfast with Santa, community association memberships were sold and had good interaction with the attendees
  • Planning for membership drive in the Spring of 2013, and Harley will be looking for volunteers to go door-to-door in the community
  • Working to have a needed Strategic Plan for the Community Association in place

Hall Manager’s Report / Hall Maintenance Report by Harley Shouldice

  • January bookings are not very busy, typical for January
  • There are strong bookings through the spring including weddings and receptions, 1835 Recovery House, and dances
  • Rental revenue is not expected to cover the total cost of the running of hall.  Part of the upcoming budgeting process is understanding the true cost of the building, including the cost of the sustainability of the community

Planning Report – Darren Rempel

  • December was slow but a lot of new duplexes being proposed
  • 255 22nd N.E. Avenue was adjusted and the city has approved
  • Application for massage therapy on 20th Avenue, decision pending
  • Medical facility on 17th Avenue, parking is an issue and is currently in review
  • New fourplex on 29th

Old Business

  • The Strategic Business Plan needs to be completed by April 2013.  Mary Ann will lead the initiative.  Members are encouraged to participate in completing the plan.
  • Good Neighbour Agreement with 1835 House.   Darren will work with 1835 House to sign the agreement.
  • Gus will invite an 1835 House representative to attend the association meetings

New Business

  • A community member expressed his condolences regarding Brent and expressed concern regarding the rental of the community hall and the running of the community, and hope that changes being contemplated do not exclude long-standing members of the community
  • Create a Nomination Committee for upcoming AGM (March 21, 2013), Darren Rempel will chair

Succession Plan & Business Plan

  • Gus Barron will not be running for President at upcoming AGM
  • A list of potential candidates able to run for board and executive positions will be developed and those individuals will be contacted to determine if they are interested in running