Tuxedo Park Community Association

General Meeting Summary: June 13, 2013

In an effort to share information with our community, we are now posting meeting highlights (notes) from each monthly meeting. We hope you find this information useful. And feel free to attend the monthly meetings, everyone is welcome! Go to our events page for meeting details.

If you have any questions please post a comment below, email us or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.

President’s Report by Tammy Maloney

  • First door knocking for membership drive will occur on June 18th from 6:00-9:00pm, meet at Hall at 6pm (first initial door knocking night, Harley to send out more information to other volunteers to help and complete membership drive)
  • Seeking volunteers to help with Membership Drive – contact Harley
  • Option to remove one phone line and add internet instead, discussion had on pros and cons. Decision to remove one phone line and internet is carried.
  • Clothing drive happening tomorrow
  • Streetbank.com explanation – sharing online
  • Health and Recreation – Tuxedo Walking Club
  • Support for Seniors – been talking about a dinner, possibly every quarter?
  •  Tea for Seniors ?
  • Possible Community Debate for election
  • Highland Park Cleanup – looking for volunteers
  • Improving business relationships with TPCA
  • Bylaws looking for a volunteer to help
  • Ideas around board meeting and general meeting changes? Working sessions and general updates – leave as is for now.
  • Standing Committees established
    • Social and Fundraising Committee – Karen T.
    • Communication Committees – Shannon BK
    • Traffic and Development Committee – Darren R.
    • Membership Committee – Harley S.
  • New Hall cleaning person
  • Developing process to plan events – Karen T.
  • Policies and Procedures – Tammy M. proposes: has two University interns lined up for summer, interns can work on processes, policies, contracts, team will be working out of TPCA Hall over summer months.

Treasurer’s Report by Bryan Summers (written)

  • Lots of work to be done on financials

Development and Traffic Report by Darren Rempel (written)

Report as submitted:

Tuxedo Park Community Association

Development Report

June 2013



Development applications appears to have slowed down but we are still receiving some.  The North Central Open House occured on June 12th and provided the same information that the Community received at the monthly May meeting.  It is important that the community monitors this very closely going forward as the design of the line, location of stations, and chosen route will have an impact on our community.

Received Development Permits:

  • DP2013-1454 – New: Single Detached Dwelling at 123 – 18 Ave NW. This permit had 6 bylaw discrepancies as noted by the City (usual stuff).
  • DP2013-2066 – Addition: Single Detached Dwelling at 322 – 28 Ave NE.  No discrepancies.  (This is the addition of a 2nd floor to an existing house in the neighbourhood).
  • DP2013-1634 – New: Semi-Detached Dwelling at 126 – 26 Ave NE.  This permit had several bylaw discrepancies – this is the developer that contacted us – they are going to address all of them and resubmit.

Received Subdivision Applications:

  • 126 – 25 Ave NW – subdivide current lot into 2 lots for single family dwellings

North Central LRT Open House:

The two figures below are scanned copies of a brochure provided at the Open House.  I took an additional 10 copies and left them at the hall for anyone to read.  Basically, they are in the consultation stage and if anyone wants to provide input they should sign up for one of the upcoming workshops.  I asked specifically about whether they have done any assessment on the impact to our neighbourhoods and the answer was no.  I also asked whether they have any previous experience they can draw on and the answer was also no because they are using a new LRT train type that is much different than the C-Train that is low to the ground and doesn’t require “blocking off” stretches of roads.  The one thing that was pointed out was that if Center street was chosen, in their opinion it wouldn’t be much of an impact because in many places Center street is essentially a two lane street because of parking and left turning vehicles.  Another important thing to note that the City representative mentioned is that there is a lot of momentum building for transit projects so we should expect that this project could proceed much earlier than 2030 and as early as 2015 if funding is available.  As I mentioned in our summary – we need to remain on top of this with our Councillor to ensure our neighborhood is not negatively affected.

Communications Report – Shannon Bowen-Kelsick

  • Sandwich boards are almost ready to be used around neighborhood
  • Better process needed to update outdoor sign
  • Volunteers needed to help with communications

Social and Fund Development Report – Karen Thompson

  • New partners with Enmax
  • Looking for donations for July 1st event (door prizes)
  • Tuxedo Art Project – sheets of plywood to paint at July 1st event

Membership – Harley Shouldice

  • Membership database up and running
  • Membership drive coming up

End of meeting.