Tuxedo Park Community Association

General Meeting Summary: February 14, 2013

In an effort to share information with our community, we are now posting meeting highlights (notes) from each monthly meeting. We hope you find this information useful. And feel free to attend the monthly meetings, everyone is welcome! Go to our events page for meeting details.

If you have any questions please post a comment below, email us or attend an upcoming monthly meeting.

February 14, 2013 General Monthly Meeting Summary


Mike O’Reilly, City of Calgary:

  • Skate Park CR Infrastructure 12 permanent skate parks ranging in size will be built by the City.  Capital cost and maintenance will be paid by the City, no cost to the community.  Does Tuxedo Park want to be on the list to have a skate park in the future?  Suggested we fill the form and consider project
  • Business Plan is required for renewal of Hall lease
  • AGM suggestions
  • City has not received any audited financial statements, these are required
  • Proposed Tuxedo Park Kids Club – refer to City for LEAD examples as a leadership program
  • Needs and Preference Study might be included in the Business Plan

 President’s Report by Gus Barron:

  • Gus thanked everyone for their support during his tenure, leaving on a positive note, and noted that everyone here is working towards the betterment of the community

 Treasurer’s Report by Bryan Summers:

  • Creating a budget
  • Expenditures recently have offset the membership and hall rentals, fundraising is needed

Membership Report by Harley Shouldice:

  • Implemented membership program called CompuSimm and input data for membership information
  • Membership fees will remain the same until motion proposed at 2013 AGM, and a business class membership will also be proposed

Social Committee Report by Gus Barron:

  • No Report

Hall Manager’s Report / Hall Maintenance Report by Harley Shouldice:

  • Slow January but a busier February and March
  • Continue to seek high value renters on particular days

Planning Report by Darren Rempel:

  • Medical Clinic on 17th Avenue, complained about lack of parking but city still approved
  • 48 unit on Centre and 20th, lack of parking and landscaping
  • Duplex permits

Traffic Report by Mary-Ann Milne

  • No Report

Old Business:

  • 1835 House do not want to sign a neighbourhood agreement, but will have an associate at every meeting.  The agreement will not be pursued anymore.

New Business:

  • Public Safety Meeting April 17 – organized by Shannon.  Contacted Calgary Police Force Community Liaison: Constable Will Johnson
  • Canada’s Largest Annual Clean-Up Campaign – should take advantage but in April so may be difficult, more suitable in May

Strike Nomination Committee (for upcoming AGM)

  • Will start next week

Succession Plan & Business Plan

  • Procurement plan and budget main points
  • Job Descriptions