Tuxedo Park Community Association

Business Members

Tuxedo Park Community Association is proud to work with the following local businesses. If you have a business in the community and would like to collaborate, see details here.

SS Goldsmithing
2705C Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB  T2E 2V5
Website: www.ssgoldsmithing.ca
Instagram: @s.s.goldsmithing

Lina’s Italian Market
2202 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 2T5
Website: www.linasmarket.com
Instagram: @Linasmarket
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LinasMarket/
Discount: 5% off for all members

Italian Market
265 20th Avenue NE
Calgary, AB  T2E 1R1
Email: info@italiansupermarket.com
Website: www.italiansupermarket.com/index.html
Instagram: @italiansupermarket
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Italian-Supermarket/126368217437221bers

Chamberlain Real Estate Group

2803 Centre St NW
Calgary, AB  T2E 2V7
Website: www.ChamberlainGroup.ca
Instagram: www.Instagram.com/chamberlaingroup
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chamberlaingroup
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chamberlaingrp
YouTube: www.youtube.com/chamberlaingroup

Cibo Centre Street

2220 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 2T5
Website: www.cibocalgary.com/centre
Instagram: @cibo.centre.st
Facebook: @cibo.centre.st
Twitter: @cibocentrest
Discount: 10% off on online pickup orders. Visit our website and order pickup using the promo code Tuxedo10

Dragonfly Maternity

2014 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 2T3
Email: info@dragonflymaternity.ca
Website: www.dragonflymaternity.ca
Instagram: @DragonflyMaternity
Facebook: @DragonflyMaternity
Discount: TPCA members receive 10% retail products