Tuxedo Park Community Association


Happy Spring (I hope) to my neighbours in Tuxedo Park! As we enter another season of growth, I’m going to use that metaphor to discuss the explosive growth our City continues to experience (30,000ish new Calgarians every year!) and what that could and should mean for inevitable change in the neighbourhoods of Ward 9. Our Municipal Development Plan dictates that fully 50% of the growth Calgary experiences over the next 60 years needs to occur within our existing communities (as opposed to the historical trend of greater than 100% growth in new communities on our edge). While over the last couple years that trend has dipped below 100% for the first time in decades, we frankly have a long way to go.

The prospect of substantially increasing the population of Tuxedo Park is ominous and needs to be explored through a discussion of both the challenges and the opportunities intensification can bring. I believe the absence of a clear vision and framework for guiding neighbourhood change is the single biggest barrier we face in achieving both our 50-50 policy objectives as well as ensuring that the inevitable change Tuxedo Park will experience is a good thing for Tuxedo Parkers. Tackling the challenge of successful Neighbourhood Planning, and specifically as it pertains to Transit Oriented Development along the Green Line, is at the centre of my Great Neighbourhoods platform and is the biggest reason I endeavoured to become your representative at City Hall.

While the transformation of how we plan and develop our neighbourhoods is underway at City Hall (called NextCITY), I strongly believe that a strong and forward-looking voice at the Community Association level is essential to success. I’m happy to report that NextCITY is proposing a Neighbourhood Workshop Tool that will help Tuxedo Park develop a stronger voice. I also thought it would be helpful to share a brief survey of neighbourhood-based planning in the communities throughout Ward 9 – please see gccarra.ca and note that the differences are a result of different stages in community leadership combined with different planning circumstances given our Transit Oriented Development objectives. I heartily encourage you to get involved with neighbourhood visioning at your Community Association and please contact my office to stay up to date with planning processes impacting Tuxedo Park. Team Ward 9 is standing by to receive your feedback at 403.268.5330 or ward09@calgary.ca.